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Name - David
Age 32 cough!! cough!!
Sex -Male
Location - Leeds (UK)
A profile/summary of who you are - married, 2 kids, commercial manager. Not quite got the work / life balance correct yet.
Interests/Hobbies - After my family, rugby (play hooker or tight head) is the love of my life. Albiet sadly after 20 years, 1 op on my back and 2 on my left knee my time is nearly at an end. Which means my golf handicap might improve.
An object/thing that describes you best and why - a hammer drill. Both in staure and nature
Your credit card number and pin - no use without the security code and expiry date.
Obscure/fun facts about yourself - only 5'3" and a very lean 13 stone, so yes very short and wide (shoulders not waist), but heh don't mess.
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