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My name is Cliff, 21, male and hail from London.
Although I think horoscopes and star signs are the devil's work, I appear to be the stereotypical Taurus child. Except for the working hard bit. I am generally pretty obsessive, have a stunningly one track mind (when I need it), which works hand in hand to get me what I want, when I want it. Most of the time.
I am exceptionally smart and talented to a fault, to the point where I sometimes wish I wasn't so goddamn marvellous. I've been told that my lax work ethic is a bad influence, and that I can be deeply manipulative.

Things I enjoy include Martial Arts, American television, computer games, self help books, photography, listening and playing music, looking stylish, hanging with friends, drinking, watching films, cooking, walking, experiencing new things and visiting new places, talking to strangers for their candy, sports in general and shopping.
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I'm like chocolate: smooth, sweet, seductive, but bad for you in the long run.
(how corny was that?)

When I was in Secondary school, some idiot starting trying to give me the new nickname 'roundhead' after a British History lesson. It was quite unfortunate for him that my head is not remotely round, and his head was shaped hilariously like an egg.
I can hold a handstand for 2 minutes and do a one armed pull up.
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