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Hi my name is Ranman and I insist that everyone
call me Ranman even members of my family. I'm male 25 yo
live on Long Island, New York. I use to work on ambulances
but now I'm a house bum. My only hobby
these days is sitting infront of my computer on
this website. It's my Birthday Saturday so I expect
presents from all of you. Girls 18 and over may send
naked photo's to me. My pants size is normally
32" but I've lost weight recently so I could use some
pants size 30" waist.Other things I could use are the
game W.O.W., A new car, A new scanner,
cool reading glasses, muse's new album, a video
of Hasselbrad getting flogged,porn i need new wanking
material and lots and lots of beer and Jack Daniels.
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