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Name: Haz. I go by no other. Even to peope I've met off here.

Sex: Not yet. And do these questions really have to be so personal?

Profile: Heh. Summarising me would take a while. I'd use the "C" word as that describes my entire personality to a "T" but I'm not allowed. Ironically enough that's the letter it ends with too, so I think you can figure out what word it is.

I'm crude (although not as crude in future), rude, arrogant, argumentative and just a general pain in the arse. I'm a real "comedian". Unlike Cliff I'm not even occassionally funny. I've been here three years in August and since, compared to most of you, I'm an old man, I'm very cynical and jaded. So take your optimism elsewhere.

Interests/Hobbies: Have to find some new ones now that "flaming the newbies" has been taken away from me. I think I might take up knitting. Or killing kittens.

Object that describes me best: Hard hat. Because I'm incredibly stubborn and hardheaded. If you get into a debate with me on here you'll soon discover that.

Obscure/fun facts about me: Don't really have any that I'd care to mention here. A fact I'm proud of though is the fact I'm the most banned member of KKW in its history.

(Don't say I never do anything for you Cliffeh )
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