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Originally Posted by hasselbrad
She wasn't really snobby out of the hole. Remember, she helped Lizzie when the other girls made snide comments.
No, but she had her moments. The point is that it's all perception and that perception shifts at different points.

Anyway, that's all being filtered through what the characters (Lizzie and Martyn) want us to believe anyway. Lizzie portrayed herself as an outsider but Martyn says she was "thick as theives" with Frankie. That's when we see her swilling Jack Daniels and talking with Frankie about Mike.
That's my point That's a perfect example of a "shift". There are no real "shifts", people don't change that suddenly, the point is to show you the different perspectives and filters that exist in the social framework. Frankie's bulimia is another great example. People assume beautiful people aren't insecure, but often they're the most insecure of all, especially beautiful teenagers. It's again a case of a teenage stereotype being shattered.
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