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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Frankie wasn't a snobby bitch in the hole itself. That was the most obvious "shift".

I thought laterally about The Jacket. It's not that I didn't understand it. It's that it was shite. The ending and overall premise was far too sentimental (I'm a cynical cunt) and Keira's grating accent was getting on my tits.

Perhaps minus the accent it wasn't that bad after all. May give it a second viewing and just mute it whenever she speaks.
She wasn't really snobby out of the hole. Remember, she helped Lizzie when the other girls made snide comments. Anyway, that's all being filtered through what the characters (Lizzie and Martyn) want us to believe anyway. Lizzie portrayed herself as an outsider but Martyn says she was "thick as theives" with Frankie. That's when we see her swilling Jack Daniels and talking with Frankie about Mike.
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