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Originally Posted by hasselbrad
The Hole was a steaming pile of shit.
Keira was good in it, but the premise was completely unbelievable. There are three bodies left in the dead from natural's head is smashed and the other is impaled on the ladder that Thora Birch's character climbed out on. I don't know how your legal system works in England, but I doubt she would have been free to roam while whats-his-face is getting grilled by the coppers.
And, all of those posters flapping in the breeze on campus when she runs in and screams, yet no one thought to take a look-see in the big metal hatch?
There were too many holes in The Hole.
Fair enough, so it wasn't exactly realistic. But that doesn't stop it being a good film. There are many excellent films, with dubious plots, that still have value. There is a whole genre - fantasy - that anyone would be hard pushed to take seriously, but try telling that to hard core trekkies. It's not always about the ability to believe the story, but what's behind the story, that's important.

Originally Posted by Hazzle

It's not. I'm always right about everything.
Naturally. Oh well, worth a shot.
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