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I'm Kristina and i joined the forums last august but don't post at all, so Hello to everyone!

I'm 15, 16 September 26th, and i'm gonna be a junior in high school when school starts up.

the Ashlee Simpson show is pretty good, not nearly as funny as watching Jessica do stupid things on the newlyweds though...i watch coupling alot, alias, uuhh can't think right now moving on...

Basketball is my life. I play it year round and hopefully will play it in college but we'll see

I listen to The darkness, ashlee simpson, britney spears (sometimes) maroon5, yellowcard, the spice girls haha

Movies- 10 things i hate about you, BILB, POTC, the harry potters (and i totally agree that draco malfoy is hot), LOTR's...the list goes on...

o yes, i live in Boston Massachusetts...and my screen name is Knardes-feel free to IM me, i need friends
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