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My names Tracy, AKA Narya.

I'm a tabloid junkie, i love the whole celeb scene.

I live in a small town in BC, Canada. I'm counting down to my graduation, when I will hop in a car and drive, drive until I hit LA thankyouverymuch. Well, LA or New York, haven't really decided yet.

Some of my favorite movies are Love Acually, Show Me Love (AKA Fucking Amal), Bend It Like Beckham, King Arthur, Troy, Harry Potter.

Fave music...I love The Bealtes, Josh Groban, Avril Lavigne, VNV Nation, Wumpscut, Hilary Duff, Kittie. I love going to concerts. I've been to about 28739833 big ones. I play guitar.

I loooove TV! Hehe...some of my favorite shows are American Dreams, Queer as Folk, What Not To Wear, Sex and the City, Friends, and Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, and Fashion File.

I loooove piercings! I have easrs x 6, tongue, lip, bellybutton. I get a new one almost every month.

I want to be a fashion designer in NY or London one day. I make a lot of my clothes.

But, the NUMBER ONE most important thing about me is how much I love animals! I don't eat them, I don't eat anything that comes from them. Thats right, psycho vegan! I would do anything for an animal. For my sweet 16 instead of presents I got everyone to bring a donation for the SPCA. I'm a member of PETA. Being vegan is like my religion. Helping animals is what keeps me going!
AKA Narya

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