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I Am In Love With Keira Knightly.

I will begin this forum with a warning. If you are going to post irrelevant and/or bash my true love for Keira, then leave now. None of you are worthy to even talk about Ms. Knightley considering your infactuations for her could never amount to my honest, and pure love for this beautiful goddess of the world. I am the Keira Knightley Obsessionist. I don't obsess over her, I AM THE Obsessor.

She drips with beauty. Everything about her makes my private parts tingle with satisfaction. Her eyes glow and her cheek bones are so feminine. Her body is so perfect, it looks as if Da Vinci painted her atop Earth's canvas himself. Her voice makes me melt and my heart begins to quiver when she smiles. I can't breathe when others say her name and I dream about being in a room with her. We go places together and sing together and hold hands and I touch her porcelain skin. She is the most glamorous human being on this Earth and sometimes I even wonder if she is real. One day, all of these things will be mine. I will own her, I will hold her, I will kiss her perfect lips, I will sleep with her, she will be mine and I will be hers and we will join in holy matrimony.

For all who question my seriousness on the matter, I love her so much that I visited the Pirates of The Caribbean set [more like, snuck in] and stole a pair of her underwear. I sniff this article of clothing every night before I go to bed. It is thrilling and delicious.

Anyone on this site that disagrees, will have me to deal with.
So open the forum and let us begin!
A duel so fit for such a precious prize.

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