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Originally Posted by kingdumbass
The glammed-up look, the pout, the hand-on-the-hips posing....
It's all so goddamn fake. People sense it, and it annoys them. That's why everyone's so eager to jump on this anorexia talk, and now Keira has to deal with rampant rumors (another thing she's not good at).

Listen to her radio interviews from earlier in the week. Keira's a cool person. That's all she needs to do -- be herself.
Be who you are, and people will like you? Thats probably the worst saying of them all. That assumes that underneath your image you project, there is a wonderful person just waiting for people to like them. We all know that there are many people for whom this is not the case.

Besides, being nice is great, and people may like you. However, people aren't going to give you a Hollywood salary on that basis alone.
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