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Cool Men are unnecessary

Living without men is easy if you have the chemistry. Read "Pheromones cause disease: the exocrinology of anorexia nervosa." Now, curing AN is trivial. You take some chewing gum and wipe it over the face of some nice father of a teenager or twenty-something, then chew the gum and your AN will disappear! The hard part is getting your dad to sit still, of course. Wipe the gum wherever a proper daughter would kiss her daddy. Make sure he's healthy w/out blemishes, of course.

The worry is jealousy. If you chew the daddy gum, your beau may be suspicious after kissing you! Incidentally, try to avoid NSAIDS like aspirin while doing this.

Unfortunately, I'm completely serious. Take this strange advice and never worry about poor mental health or eating disorders ever again.

Need confirmation that this works? Ask Jessica Simpson or Leelee Sobieski.
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