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OK, just heard the interview on the radio station's website....
Sorry for the double post, but I think the nature of this thread can explain that. Anyway, here's some of the stuff she said:

Standard Pirates 2 stuff (kissing Johnny, sword fights, etc)
They played poker a lot on the set
She lives with her brother
She still follows soccer, but no longer plays
She played the theme from "Goldfinger" ("for all the girls who are hurting")
She would not want to be a Bond girl (but maybe a villian)
A lot of her swordfighting bits were cut from Pirates 2
She plans to wear "something plunging" to the UK premiere of Pirates 2
Her friends have a nickname for her (she wouldn't say what it is)
And other stuff

She came across as really cool in the interview. Very casual, and I liked her a lot. Here's webcam pics from inside the studio (you can't see her face in them, though. I think she's the one in blue):

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