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Originally Posted by Richard
Yeah, I know, but have you seen the prices RE2 and RE3 are going for on ebay, factory sealed, I mean? I can't buy used games. They have to be sealed because I can't stand scratches, of any kind, I'll go ballistic! Why? Because I'm anal. Much like movies, I have to watch them from beginning to end, and with video games, they have to be 100% completed, 101% if possible. I have to get everything and unlock everything. I can't possibly move onto another game without doing that.
I totally konw what you mean. I'm the kind of guy to go and punch and kick and try to open every door in a video game. I gotta do everything. I can't stand buying things used either, and on holidays when i get used games i go fuckin' nuts because the cases are so full of stickers.
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