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Watched Hotel Rwanda this morning. Don Cheadle is a hell of an actor. I didn't think the movie was nearly as good as he was in it. Joaquin Phoenix and Nick Nolte seemed to mail in their performances. Neither character was very convincing, nor were any of the characters, save for Cheadle's (I'm not even going to attempt that last name). The writing wasn't that good either.
Gregoire was too flat. He stops working and drinks beer. Then he seems to have a change of heart, especially after seeing the bodies in the road. He sees Paul helping people and it seems like maybe he's been softened, but instead, goes straight out and betrays him.

Nacho Libre was funny. I kind of felt like I needed to laugh after Hotel Rwanda. Not terribly funny, but funny enough just because of the sheer ridiculousness of it. Saw the preview for Talladega Nights. That looks like it's going to be funny as hell. I laughed louder at that than I did Nacho Libre.
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