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Right now, I'm playing Tiger Woods 2006(buggy as hell, but I'm a golfer, so whatever), and Half-Life 2.

Top 10 games of all time for me:

1. Zelda: Orcarina of Time-perfect. Sheer perfectness
2. Half-Life- best FPS I've ever played
3. Super Mario World-best Mario of all time, no matter what SM64 fan says
4. Metroid Prime-First Zelda, then Metroid makes the perfect transition to 3D
5. Resident Evil 4-most fun I've had in a game since Half-Life. Seriously
6. Halo-since I'm a fanboy
7. Final Fantasy VII-required in all top 10 lists:P
8. Burnout 3: Takedown-best arcade racer I've ever played
9. Starcraft: best RTS game I've played, and the only game Koreans are better then Americans at...
10. Ninja Gaiden-Best Xbox game
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