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Originally Posted by kingdumbass
Jacoby, a man of great taste....
I did the first 3 Silent Hills all in a row a few months back. The are all a fucking work of art, although by the time I got to about the middle of Silent Hill 3, I felt like I couldn't take it anymore -- too damn scary; it started to break down my nerve.

I want to see the movie.
I liked the movie a lot. But don't expect much out of it . . . It's exactly like the games. Exactly. The most wooden dialoge ever. But it's cool if you like the games, you'll get the references.
It's funny because one part of the movie, there's ashes falling from the sky and the heroine looks up and a flake hits her face. She smears it on her face and looks at her hand and say, "I think this is ash . . ." and the people in the theatre laughed at how stupid it sounded, but that's spoken just like it would be in the game, so i didn't have a problem

I have Silent Hill 1, 2, and 3. I bought all three of them for less than 25 bucks. Which is awesome. Still have to get the fourth, but my friends ruined it for me, I know everything about it already.

And Swords, Paper Mario fookin rocks. When I get the Wii, the first Paper Mario is one of the first games I'll buy from the Virtual Console thing.
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