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Currently I'm playing Katamari Damacy for PS2, Silent Hill 2 for PS2, and Resident Evil 4 for GCube. I submit that Katamari is the most addictive game ever. If you have a PS2 you need to get it (unless you really hate quirky Japanese culture.) Silent Hill 2 I bought when it first came out, but never beat it, so I'm playing through it again. Creepy stuff. I'm in the hospital right now with Maria. And Resident Evil 4 I've beaten countless times, but I play through it non-stop because it's one of my favorites.

As for my favorite games of all tizime: (I'll just do a top ten)
1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Definitely the best game I've ever played. It will always be my favorite because it's the first game that really drew me in and that I actually cared about.This was the game that made me a nerd.
2. Resident Evil 4 - Cheesey action story and awesomely terrible dialog didn't get in the way of the superb game. I couldn't believe how this game held up, it looked amazing, it played flawlessly. I was pregnant after I completed the game, and I was bearing a little baby Salzibar. Don't worry, I had him aborted.
3. Super Mario 64 - Everyone knows why this game rocked, I won't waste time explaining.
4. Mario Kart - I have some good memories of hanging out with 3 of my friends from my street about 6 years ago. We'd play Mario Kart battles every day. Every fucking day.
5. Goldeneye - We'd also play Goldeneye every day. (I was the best at this game)
6.Shadow of the Colossus - This game is awesome. I love how it looks and feels, and it's short so you can play through and get the whole experience multiple times. The depth of everything seriously made my mouth water. How the bosses were 70 times your size and you had to bring them down. Oh man.
7. Metal Gear Solid - All of the series. Though the first one is my favorite. It's an awesome storyline with the coolest man every thought up. Clint Eastwood meets Plissken. Beautiful stuff.
8. Metroid Prime - Surprised everyone. It was funny how many jokes people made about how lame Metroid in 3d was going to be. And it completely rocked the shit out of everyone. God bless Retro studios.
9. Onimusha - The first one, especially. All the issen crap and the timing and the pretty scenes. Fun game. Samurai have a special place in my heart.
10. I'd have to say Paper Mario series or Katamari for the 10 spot. Paper Mario is an awesome RPG, perfect mario quirkiness with an interesting storyline and supporting characters. And Katamari for it's addictive gameplay.
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