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Well, the general reaction to her appearance at the Pirates 2 premiere has been along the lines of, "She's shockingly thin!"....
Yes, she's always been skinny, and people have always remarked on it; but the reaction in virtually all circles to those PREMIERE pics has been far more severe than usual. People in various forums are saying now with confidence that the chick is...(whisper)..."The A Word". It very well could have just been the choice of dress; who am I to say? I just hope that IF she does have a problem, she deals with it QUIETLY, like a professional. Imagine how degrading and annoying it would be to read a magazine with her talking about her "struggle". Save that shit for idiots like Teri Hatcher and Lindsay Lohan. There are certain boundaries you just don't cross, unless you want to give up your privacy completely.

BLAH, says I!
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