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Silver Streak (1976) I thought this was a pretty cool movie. Richard Pryor's character didn't appear until about an hour into the film, which I didn't suspect was going to happen -- it was interesting. Gene Wilder is great in this also. I happen to like Wilder/Pryor as a comic duo and I should see more of the films they made together whenever I find the chance.

The Court Jester (1956) The second and third half is really the heart of this movie. It's incredibly funny. Good screwball fun. Who else has seen this?

Bull Durham (1988) Not my favorite among Costner's baseball movies, but surely entertaining. Tim Robbins' character is such a douche. Susan Sarandon reminds me of Bette Davis, and everytime she was onscreen I kept thinking of Bette Davis. It was very distracting. Lots of sex in this movie, too.
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