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Originally Posted by Hazzle
That game is the shit Swords.

Ryan: Her accent sounded like an English person trying to do an American accent. You could tell immediately she's English, and at no point did she ever convince as an American. It was so annoyingly transparent that they were better off just making her character English and explaining it away somehow.

The problem is her natural accent is too polished to ever be American.

However not only was it shit, but it was annoying, and distracted from the film. Which was probably not that bad a thing as the film was awful.
Once again, you are wrong...or wong...whatever.
Keira did a very good American accent. She played an alcoholic chain smoker, and having known a whole bunch of these (they were known as Kappa Deltas at Alabama) in college, I can tell you for a fact that she was spot on. Many of these girls I knew lost their sweet, melliferous Southern accents to the ravages of Marlboro Reds and whiskey. Instead, they were left with a smoky, deep pitched man voice. Also, if you watch the last scene, when Jack gets in the car, you'll notice that her voice is a little brighter than in the other parts of the film. Why, because in that scene, her mother is still alive and she isn't a chain smoking alcoholic.
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