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I have gone through a couple late night movie marathons

the first one..
night of the living dead (original black and white) 10/10
Resident evil 4/10
underworld 5/10
Dracula dead and loving it 10/10 very funny in a sick kind of way
dracula( black and white with Bela Lugosi) 10/10

the next night i had a medieval blood fest
Kingdom of heaven 8/10
Rob Roy 7/10
excalibur 9/10
Gladiator 8/10
Spartacus 10/10
lord of the rings trilogy (extended eddition) 10/10

then last night i just watched random movies
2001 a space odysey 8/10
it was long interestly haunting and in parts dull

Apocalypse Now 10/10
i had not seen that movie since i was six. so the impact was doubly effective since I remembered everything from that movie being black and white and now see all the shades of gray. This movie really shows how men's inner conflict can be lost won or how an easy peace can be achieved, though some peoples inner conflict in this movie just burned them up and left them as wmpty husks (Lance). Marlon brando's performance was excellent.
some quotes from that movie (for those who have not seen it)
soldier: sir it is pretty hairy up there it is charlie's point.
Robert duvall: Charlie don't surf.
and Marlon brando: I saw a snail slithering along a straight razor that is my dream....that is my nightmare.

the jacket: pretty good the pyschologicaly enhanced mind from the first two movies (just e-mail the insults to me) allowed me to just sit and watch as a man struggled against fate. the ending was good in my opinion. The performances were very good 7/10

Predator: if any one just assumes this is an entertaining action flick you definatley need to watch this movie again. the action element kept you entertained and awake. the movie's ever present meaning shows the esssence and power of man's deeper instincts and the feral corners of the pysche rarely used and usually forgotten. The movie also shows the greatness of the human race as the one man against a all powerfull and relentless evil.
It reminds me of a camping trip i took with a couple of my friends awhile ago ( if you want details w-mail me i will not bore you with them here). 7/10

king arthur: the struggle to remain known throughout history, to keep order, protect freedom and retain honour with some of the oldest liturary characters. very good when overly tired and you do not care about lines that are almost read through a computer using the actors voice...8/10
it is weird how energenic you can feel after these marathons or spaced out in the case of last night...
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