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What?! You mean you only wanted ______?

so no offense or anything... but everything around here has been rather dull.

so the question is: why did you start coming to KKW. and be honest. i mean come on, this is a forum about a gorgeous actress, who most of the time acts about as well as your next-door neighbor.

that said: i came on because i had just seen POTC and she looked SO much like someone, but i couldn't figure it out. and then i figured it out: natalie portman - absolutely loved her b/c of star wars. so thats when i came onto KKW, looking for pictures. and that was when i realized that hey, i'd screw around with a girl that hot. and since then i've pretty much just been confused. but whatever, such is life.

so don't give me any crap about "you just happened to come across the website and then randomly decided to join the forum, which wasn't abnormal at all, and you're straight as a ruler" okay bye =D
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