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Originally Posted by ryan
in my experience, women like the guy to be a little out of their control (occasionally), yet still know they can control him when necessary...
unfortunately, it is, in most cases, one extreme or the other where the guy is either a total pussy (the girl walks all over him) or a total dick (who doesn't give a shit).

girls are idiots and naturally LOVE dating the total dicks, get heart broken because they're too dumb to realize their boyfriend is an ass, and then bitch about wanting the "good guy", yet never realize it when one is right in front of them.
Yeah, that's pretty much my experience too. The ideal scenario is where he's not a total pussy, but not a completely selfish dick. As you point out, girls naturally date the total dicks and bitch about it. I suppose it's because the dick quality is initially attractive because they're hoping they can rein it in, but when they can't, that's when it all goes tits up. Women like changing men, this is why they never go for a "good guy" but for a cunt with "good guy" potential. Usually he turns out to just be a cunt, hence the heartbreak.

Perhaps women should look for the good guy and then try and build the cuntishness within him? That may work better
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