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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Heh. Nice one. Glad to see you've taken to welcoming the newbies in proper style too. Unlike the rest of these chummy cunts.

Cal wtf is that about working on quirks? The bitch either better accept I am what I am, or fuck off and find someone else. Quirks are often what you love most about someone. The only thing I'd accept working on is my temper, fighting and arguing and stuff, because that actually damages the relationship. But if she doesn't like certain personality quirks? She can fuck right off. Plenty more fish and all that.

Lauren, you date guys less attractive than you? But I thought Joseph Merrick was dead?!

Oh wait, I found someone who'd be perfect for you.

Lots of flaws to work on He's not less attractive than you but he might let you change stuff about him. You've got a chance, although it is slim, I'll grant you.
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