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Originally Posted by Flightfreak
We need to become more economical with energy. Tons of energy get wasted every day again. So it would become easier to switch to alternative energy sources.
So are you saying it's "easy" to switch to alternative energy and it's just nobody's doing it? So far as I know, inventors around the world are working at finding new energy efficient means. But quite a few factors play into this. First, what Foeni hinted at -- government, economics, laws. Second, you need factories within which to work on these inventions. Third, the word efficiency. If history has taught us anything, not only do we always seem to stop just short of ruining ourselves, we also pass through various stages of efficiency -- Bronze Age, Silver Age, Agricultural, Industrial. But we've never gone back from using a hammer to using a bone. My thoughts are: the ball's in the field of someone more knowledgable than me, they're working on it, and I look forward to the possibilities on the future rather than get mired in the freak-outs of the present.

Originally Posted by Flightfreak
The weather we’re seeing now, may be something we’ve seen before in history, but the current state the earth is in, is something new.
But isn't that the crux of the whole debate? Just how much civilization affects climate and weather? If it's happened before, without the conditions humanity has imposed, then to the common man the wind gets taken out of that argument's sails. Note, I'm not denying our current state is new or deplorable. Neither am I saying the rainforest hasn't disappeared. But I guess what I am denying is that the sky is falling.

Isn't it a fact that the starlight we're receiving night and day first emanated from those stars at a time when the Aztecs were sacrificing virgins. Maybe it's century-old stardust clogging the atmosphere...
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