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Originally Posted by Niscen
Haz, you don't understand girls, do you? Sorry, maybe I sound a bit rude. Sometimes girls just need a little bit comfort and hope.
No, REALLY?! I know that, it's just SOME girls operate on enough logic to realise that if you want comfort and hope don't fucking argue with someone giving it to you! To be fair, you're right, I don't understand most girls, as most of you are dumb fuckers who don't operate according to the laws of logic and reason, but are instead completely irrational fuckers. It's a wonder you lot live longer than us, it really is.

I hate people who're so insecure that when you give them the reassurance they want they still argue with you. I used to do it and it's fucking annoying. It's also fucking wrong, and rather than just pander to it, I'm trying to point out you need to change your mentality. Seriously, I've broken up with a girl for being like you, and I can't be the only guy to do it. For your own sake, when someone says something like "It'll be ok" don't argue with them.

What Jet told me on the msn do make me feel better, and I really know what I should do or how I should think. Jet's really a great "sex therapist" :icon_err:
Noone can tell you how you should think. To think that is stupid. There's no "should do", there's only what you feel comfortable with. Every person is different. As soon as people realise that they'll stop giving relationship advice based on a few kernels of information. Any advice based on this generalised situation is likely to be worthless.
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