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Originally Posted by mehrdad368
Idon't know why they change the shouts.Anyway i think it's better don't editing any more.isn't it?
Yes, why don't we ask them nicely to stop, eh?

Originally Posted by Jacoby
Yeah, I'd really rather not. It's honestly not that important to me. Just don't use the shoutbox.
No, I agree with you, which is why I stopped, my point is I didn't just jump to a conclusion, I based it on some reasoning and facts. I was simply pointing out that you shouldn't shit all over my theory because it's based on some pretty strong evidence, and not just stuff I've posted here, but little things I've noticed by paying attention. I'm just naturally observant I suppose. And obsessed with detective dramas. And I nearly always figure out who it is really early on, which is annoying.

Ahh well. Shoutbox editor will soon end up with no shouts left to edit if things keep getting deleted. It must be upsetting having a tiny penis Ran, maybe we should go easy on him?
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