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Originally Posted by dave
About Pinochet
In a heartbeat. It is my understanding that "The Contras" are better people than the government that they were opposed to (Well, except for a Nun here or there...). However, This is one of those things that "The Media" picked the wrong side to proselytize about, consequently America did too....
???? the contras better than the sandanistas???? on a score of 1-10 I give both sides a minus 3 for Good..... Both sides represented different sides of the same old "We are the ones who get to make the rules here' argument!

Originally Posted by dave
I do not believe in Dictatorships, Kingdoms, whatever you call it when some one man/woman is in charge and tells everybody else what they MUST do. So, those of you who don't see that point, I hope you don't sneak up behind me. If I see you coming......
I forgive you for the nuclear garbage...

Originally Posted by dave
You know, in Iraq and Iran the Mullahs and their followers still hang young women because they don't wear the traditional woman's uniform. Is that the world you want to live in? It doesn't have to be a dictator to be evil. It can also be a group of bigots in white sheets with dunce caps. There is no difference between the Wahhabi Muslims and the KKK except for the names of the people in the costumes...
I have used the phrase "this is the same idea the mullahs propose from their view point to so many people lately. I begin to wonder is freedom of speech only if you agree with my side what we really want to have here now?? When did that become popular.. and from both sides of the political spectrum too.

I have a point to make IN THE DISCUSSION on global warming tho... ( which I have been delighted by ) if you prejudge that everything that is claimed to promote global warming is bad for the earth ( ???) as FF has... why would that rationally lead to the Certainly that he proposes.... Certainly implies that there is irrefutable proof that it is true, instead we are being asked to give a certain tag to a politically correct assumption... IMHO that is an example of how the Mullahs work... why are we imitating them... they do not believe in any dissent.. But We do not live in their kind of world?

Just my simple question... You guys duke it out.. I never read so many papers and tried to really understand this problem quite in this lite before!:fencing:

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