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Originally Posted by Jacoby
I think you're dumping the blame on Swords too quickly. It could be anyone. It could be that one kid who comes back from time to time and just posts vulgarities. It could be me, it could be you. Hopefully someone can track whoever it is down. Or whoever is editing the posts could fall in a ditch somewhere and die.
I think I just proved it was him. Within moments of pointing out that he couldn't spell En Garde and Touche, and posting this, the old shouts got changed to the correct spellings so everyone would think it's Gaucho.

Also it's not some random stranger. Some of the edits use certain terms, like Crotcho for Gaucho and stuff. Trust me. I think if you actually played along and tried to lure out the facts for yourself you'd catch the shouter in a lie. Pay close attention to them.
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