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We could theoretically flush all the shouts and stop anyone from editing them, but that would be depriving ourselves. Does show the wankpot what a loser they are though.

It's just sad and pathetic because it's not as if the edits are even funny. If they were witty, it'd be one thing, but they're not. They're just crude. They also show someone who's wasting their time because we're so not pissed off by any of this. I think you're wrong Ran, they're not making us look stupid, they're TRYING to, and failing miserably. Everyone knows it's edits, so who're they trying to kid?

I reckon it's Swords btw. I shouted that I suspected Swords not Gaucho as some of Gauchos were quite severely edited and these are the edits I got:

[12:53 AM] Hazzle: Indeed.
[12:51 AM] Hazzle: Clearly myself. Should know better than to expect better from me. sorry i tried pulling the wool over on you guys (again mentioned Swords and the fact he's a 15 year old kid)
[12:50 AM] Hazzle: Ok, so it's definitely crotcho... boy he needs a life (When I again reiterated my suspicion about Swords)
[12:49 AM] Hazzle: Bah. It's that sonuvabitch crotcho! not swords! (When I suggested it was Swords not Gaucho)

If it was anyone else but Swords surely they'd want the blame to fall at his feet so that they could keep doing it undetected?
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