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Originally Posted by Flightfreak
<snip>When I say:
“why not take the uncertainty “global warming is caused by human activity” for an certainty.”

The uncertainty refers to the fact that it’s not sure, that it may be wrong, manipulated,…
What I am asking you is: Why not act as though 'Global Warming' is true (if everything that “would” cause global warming is bad for us and our environment)? So why not act as though 'Global Warming' is true until the day we know for sure whether it is true, as the world will be better off if we do.
Because that immediately turns the United States into a 'Third World Country." And it only affects the United States that way. I am not one of the people over here who 'wrings my hands and cries about how we have left the rest of the world behind, we have to stop and let them catch up!' That's not me. If the rest of the world wants to catch up, tell them to 'start running.' You might also tell them to shed their Dictators, their Princes and Princesses (except Queen Nur, Diana and Grace Kelly) and start rewarding people who do good things. We will be easy to catch as our Politicians have somehow decided that we are to blame for the troubles of the world, and made sure that the 'electorate' elected people who feel that way. (Have you ever thought about why they like to 'get out the vote? Because when everybody votes the statisticians are right. But, when some people stay home, the statisticians haven't got a clue. That's why the new polls are broken up into 'likely to vote' columns.)

Originally Posted by Flightfreak
As long as scientists don't fully understand how our climate works, what the influences are, and they don't have the computer power to simulate “accurate” models, you'll always be able to doubt these results.

Something both sides agree on is: More data and research is needed.

Everything that would cause global warming is bad for our planet. The only thing they are not sure about is whether it influences our climate or not. So for gods sake why not take the uncertainty for a certainty, because at the end, either way, if its true or not, we’re better off believing in it.
Flightfreak, again you are wrong. Back when I was running some of the biggest Hydrodynamic codes in the world, I was called on by Climatologists from NOAA to run some for them on the same computers, at the same time. You are wrong. Also, you might find it interesting to hear that I have a Beowulf Cluster upstairs made out of old junk PCs. (Some of those old junk PCs are faster than the Cray-1s were.) This particular Beowulf Cluster contains nine PCs at this point, runs Linux, and can whip the pants off your 'State of the art' Windoze machine. But, the people you are talking about don't think that way. Instead they spend their time trying to 'weasel word' their pseudo 'Scientific Reports' so they can say "I never said that! Of course I know we've been going through a Solar Cycle which heats up the atmosphere! Of Course I know that! I would NEVER say that the US should do something so the rest of the world can catch up!"

Originally Posted by Flightfreak
As I take it from you Dave, is not believing in it is more a political decision than a rational.
Not now. You've made me look at the papers, and what I saw was a bunch of 'self serving lies' put out as fake Scientific Reports with misleading words to obfuscate the real meaning. Thank you. You have convinced me that the only reason for the lies about 'Global Warming' is to make the United States turn off their power plants and wait for the rest of the world to catch up. AND to get a whole bunch of people who couldn't get a PhD in Physics the esteem and salaries that they would have gotten if they had actually taken and passed those courses. (Too bad they had to stop at Climatology...) "I coulda been a Con... a Physicist!"

Thank god they flunked them out! They are letting too many Cheaters and Liars get PhDs these days as it is. :fencing:

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