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Originally Posted by Jacoby
In the past few days I've seen a few movies. I'll report them now:

Night Watch (Nochnoy Dozor) - This movie was awesome. It was a perfect blend of action and suspense and awesome and badass and vampires. I mean, Others, even though they're basically vampires. Leaves it open for a sequel, and the director is working on not one but two, so it should be interesting. Definitely reccommend this one. It comes out on video this Tuesday.

The Baxter - Brought to you by my homeslice Michael Showalter. You know him as Coop in Wet Hot American Summer (He co-wrote and co-directed that one). I enjoyed this movie to great extents. It's not a uber-comedy like WHAS, but it's still got some laughs in it. It's more of a solid story.

UltraViolet - This movie was a piece of shit.
Wet Hot American Summer is like, my fucking life. I love that movie.
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