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The Gaucho situation shows we clearly need more mods. No, I'm not angling for it myself, I've had it once and I was shit. Plus I already mod on another forum and I'm not sure I could do it even if I was offered it.

Anyway. Ducky's the only mod who I see online every day, Cliff's online pretty regularly, but Kelsey's on infrequently and Leonie's busy with moving across the globe . I'm not criticising any of these people, they all do a good job, especially Leonie, but they need help. Mags and Renegade are hardly around these days at all. Liam and Baz are around as often as they can, but it's not really their job, and I think we actually should have mods doing the basic clean up.

Based on that it seems to me we need probably another 2-3 mods to fill up the roles. Leonie'll end up being online in a different time zone so we need someone in central Europe (might I recommend Foeni?), someone in the UK (especially with Poggs AWOL at the mo too)...Ice would probably be a unanimous choice, and someone in the US (to cover for both Mags and Renegade being away). Might I suggest Brad for that, he's mature and around a lot. In fact, all three I've mentioned strike me as responsible, mature and regularly around.

Of course it's not my decision as to who's chosen, or how, or whatever, I'm just pointing out something I feel needs addressing and offering a potential solution.
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