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While I would like to see us burn cleaner, renewable fuels like ethanol, I don't think global warming is a phenomenon over which we have any control. Most of it is bunk science backed up with far too narrow a scope of data. People are all excited because the polar ice caps are shrinking, but they are actually larger now than they were in the '20s and '30s. Permafrost is melting, but I have a suspicion that this has more to do with what's going on beneath the Earth's surface than with what the air temperature is. A one degree change in the temperature isn't going to cause soil that's been frozen for ten millenia to thaw. People like to point to the increased cyclonic activity taking place in the Atlantic Basin as proof that global warming is taking place. What they fail to mention is that there has been a reduction in the amount of cyclonic activity in the Pacific Basin recently. This is a natural cycle that the Earth goes through over a span of about 20 years. And, the intensity of storms hasn't increased, only the population density of the areas they've hit.
If there is another Ice Age on its way, there isn't anything me, you or Greenpeace can do about it.
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