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Haz - Seriously, if you're left not satisfied and frustrated then you might as well write out instructions on how to do it. I like to call it: Getting Me Off for Dummies or the Untalented.
Heh, yeah, I know, I agree with you. There's no point just suffering in silence...well, actually, not in silence if you're faking it...

Katie: I can get a girl off with just my tongue and fingers. I think most guys can. Or should be able to anyway. Like you said, if lesbians around the world can do it each and every day, there's no bloody excuse for us not to learn. It does help having a lot of female friends who can talk to about sex. Every woman is different, so the more you talk to, the better idea you'll get as to the variety of ways women like being turned on. If she doesn't enjoy a certain technique, the more you know, the better chance you have of finding the right one.

And guys, don't watch pornos for tips...they don't know anything when it comes to skills. If you're REALLY having a hard time with oral I suggest doing what I call Alphabet Soup - use your tongue to lick out the letters of the alphabet against her clit. That is your only lesbian tip you will receive from me *mwah*.
Pornos are made for men, and the women usually fake anyway. I have heard some women say that about porn films before too OD. I've actually heard that tip before. I prefer spelling her name out, but really it's anything to change direction, because usually guys lick like they lick ice cream and it's not quite the same! The other tip I got was not just to use the flat of your tongue, but to change it up. The tongue is a very flexible thing, the more variety, the better the reaction you'll get.

I've found ice on the clit, then licking the melted ice water off is quite effective too...
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