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My friends joke with me about my ability for popping off fake orgasms in public places (almost got kicked out of the Hotcake House on Saturday for it). They always ask me if the reason I'm so good at it is because I've had to fake an O in the throws of not-so-good passion. My answer back is always, "Hells no, I've never had to fake an orgasm while having sex. If the person isn't doing their job I'm giving them written and oral instructions on how to service me. If that still doesn't work I'll just push them off and show them how it's done!"

It's been too long since I've had sex with another person to know how long it takes me to cum. I know when I'm servicing myself it doesn't take that long cuz I just want the O so I can continue on with my day without feeling randy and I know WTF I'm doing so it's quick and to the point.
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