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Originally Posted by Guy Who Likes Stuff
anyway, i finished in like 2-3 minutes. we were able to do it a few more times, but the same result. i haven't had that much sex in my life to begin with, so i don't know HOW abnormal this is. i'm assuming it's not good, i just don't know HOW not good. in the past, i've used a condom, but she was cool w/ going au-naturale (skip the lecture as to why i shouldn't have done this, and yes i realize wearing one would numb the sensation a bit, but condoms just don't work for me... TOO insensitive, the exact opposite of what i'm talking about here)
Aww. It's alright, bro. Maybe sex just isn't for you. Don't fret, there's a lot of other activities your partner and yourself can participate in together. Things like sewing, golf, and crying. (There, there's my joke, I hope it's sufficient.)

But in more seriousness, I'm fearing the same thing (I am experienceless, so don't take my advice on the topic if I give any) and I've thought about it a lot. I think controlling an orgasm is a feasable task, but I don't know how it will fare with a girl-partner-vagina-thing. For example if you feel an orgasm approaching, if you slow down your pace to control it (which I think would differ it for a while) will the girl lose whatever stimulation she's feeling? Any type of answer ladies?

As for the tip holding thing, that may work. Not while masturbating though. I don't think masturbation would work as an endurance builder...because when you're being aroused and touched by a woman it's different than being aroused by, well, your own hand. Not sure, again, no experience.

Originally Posted by Hazzle
(my first time took AGGGGESSS. To the point where we both got frustrated by how long it was taking )
What took ages? Convincing her to have sex with you?
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