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Originally Posted by Mandy
It's not called a relationship when your blow-up doll doesn't fuck you back.
It's not? Jet will be crushed to hear that.

That would almost be a good comeback except like you, I'm entirely unaffected by it. I don't feel the need to be in a relationship, I just happen to be in one. Don't hate me just because I have something you want.

It is incredibly funny how much you change your mind. The idea of me having sexual relations repulses you now...yet when I was on holiday you insisted you didn't want me leaving the States without getting laid. Consistency would be great...

Plus it sort of blows your theory that I don't have a choice in my relationship status out of the water...

FYI I'm hardly affected by your comebacks as I'm merely having a laugh while waiting for laundry to get done.
Well I wouldn't want want you to be sweetheart. I actually feel sorry for you, so I'm offering you my sympathies, so I'm very pleased to hear my words aren't hurting you. I'm sure you're hurting enough as it is, every man you've ever loved has left you, and now you're all alone. But chin up, it will turn round for you. There are still plenty of blind men in the world.
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