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Originally Posted by devine kk
I tend to find that if you do it more than once in a night then the length of time it takes gets longer. That is of course unless you wait like an hour before having another go. Try 5-10 mins gap and it should take longer. If not unlucky chap, you could try thinking of something really boring but obviously still look happy or it could be the last time.
There are techniques to delay the onset. One is to hold the end of your p***s between figure and thumb and squeeze gently. Give it a go, just keep your other hand busy if you know what I mean.
Ryan's right, but I don't think it's always true (my first time took AGGGGESSS. To the point where we both got frustrated by how long it was taking ). I think Devine's point is better, if you follow up the first time with a second soon after, you'll last longer. If you can go for round three you should last a fair amount of time by that point.

As for the squeezing thing, I actually heard someone have this problem on some TV show once and the advice he got was to do that when masturbating rather than during sex, because it can be a little embarassing to have to do it during sex. Build the endurance up that way and you'll last longer. Oh, and seriously, knocking one off regular as clockwork'll help when you're going through a drought. It makes you sure stay less sensitive.
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