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At this point, I should state that I am not a smoker....
I just enjoy defending those who DO smoke. I like their attitude. And I enjoy the smell they create. What can I say?

I can't afford to smoke...but if I ever get rich for some reason, you bet your ass I'll start. In fact, I hope I become a celebrity, so I can encourage young people to start smoking. I'll go on MTV, look right into the camera, and say, "Smoking is cool, kids. Plus, doing it makes you a rebel. You should seriously try it!" That is my pledge.

Our dear Keira Knightley evidently can't even smoke the occasional cigarette for her own enjoyment without some asshole snapping a picture, so people on the internet make comments. That's the trouble with being a young woman celebrity -- your every action and comment is suddenly subject for public debate. That's why I hope I become a celebrity -- since I'm a man, I could say or do anything I want, and no one could do a damn thing about it.

Yup. It sure is great to have a penis!
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