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Yes because noone gets affected by the effects of alcohol...people don't kill people drinking and driving...fighting outside pubs...beating spouses.

Cigarettes kill less people than alcohol when all the effects are considered. Cigarettes are only seen as more deadly by naive people who don't extrapolate the effects of alcohol fully. So many alcoholics decide to trade addictions and move to cigarettes as alcohol is the most dangerous drug there is. We're all just too stupid to realise it.

Alcohol related deaths actually amount to more than all illegal drugs put together. It kills the most people per year. Yet we're oblivious to that. Heart disease is a massive killer, everyone goes on about how much cigarettes cause it, but what about alcohol, which causes as many heart disease deaths as cigarettes?

Not to mention that of course the air quality is so perfect that the pollution in the air isn't actually worse for your lungs than cigarette smoke...

You'll find that the findings of any of those studies are all debateable because it's been shown that the same damage done to the lungs etc could have been caused by pollution. But no, of course's cigarettes...because we're all exposed to cigarette smoke a LOT more than pollution, right?

(Incidentally, I don't smoke around non-smokers unless they're ok with it. The idea that all smokers are inconsiderate is bullshit, and in fact, non-smokers are far more intolerant and inconsiderate by imposing bans on smokers. Heaven forbid we trust people with the responsibility to not smoke inconsiderately...)
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