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Originally Posted by Kelsey
Will it be on again? How did I miss this?
I'm sure Paul will have that video up and running in the next couple of weeks. And I doubt that they repeat Late Night talk-shows, but sometimes they do. I have the video, but I'm broke right now to renew my subscription. How did you miss it? Anyways...

I thought it was a lovely interview. She looked absolutely gorgeous, of course she could have done well without the bangs because I was looking forward to seeing her eyes and forehead, but overall I was very pleased by it. My only downfall of the night probably would have gone to Dan Abrams. I know he has a job that involves talking about the recent big cases in America, but Keira looked really out of place and never said a word. The last shot of Keira was shown just before the commerical break to the Avril Lavigne performance and she looked rather quiet. But that's probably the only emotion everyone that night should have had. It doesn't matter... looking forward to Letterman.
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