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Originally Posted by Hazzle
I knew's official...all women are evil and intent on world domination You're going to use guided eyeliner to take over the world...

Odd question, and it depends if you mean physically or mentally . Mentally...5. Physically, I'm 23.

It's easy for me to say I'd wear makeup if asked, though, as I know I could never be mistaken for a woman anyway Too ugly by far
Oooh you quoting went a bit weird there darlin but nm lol. Why yesch.. i shall use eyeliner to take over the world.. and ofcourse use my great charms tee hee.. i intend to become the most famous fag hag lol. Lol its not that odd a question just wandered how old ye are

Pretty Dan from BB

Acliff n Haz i hope your taking notes lol.

Megan xXx
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