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Originally Posted by acliff
Well you're out of the game then Duckula :P
So when do you want to go out Keirazbabe?
Anytime sweety (as long as you'll atleast play with the idea of wearing eyeliner for 5 mins hahaha)

Queer eye for the straight guy is entertaining, but its just a money making scheme to capitalise on the metrosexual craze. I understand the whole 'why go for a guy who seemingly can't look after himself, when you can go for a guy who can, and do it snappily dressed' thing, but sometimes it gets a little silly.
At uni, one of my former housemates used to spend about an hour and a half on his hair. He had industrial sized cans of hairspray, buckets of wax, hair dye, and a hairdryer which looks like it was taken out of the southampton uni wind tunnel. We all thought this was crazy, and a little bit gay.

Then we saw how much attention he got in clubs, pubs and bars. Which was great for him, and envy all round. Except he had a metallic sky blue MG. That IS a little bit camp.
To be fair acliff n Haz..your quite correct about queer eye lol.. what tv programme isnt a money making scheme? i just love the advert.. i dont know if anyone has seen it on ch4 but it goes along the lines of God put men on the Earth.. men let themselves go so God created 'queer eye for the straight guy'.. its so true lol...

Lmao ooh got the number of ur former housemate? haha

Ooh and good one Haz theres no point in not putting the extra effort..there are some girls who are quite ugly but beause they weasr make up.. have nice hair and take pride in their fashion etc etc they end up looking quite attractive.. theres always hope! lol

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