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Originally Posted by once_dreaded
Aussie cricket dykes
Thanks for ruining the dream.

Originally Posted by Swordsman
Super Muslim Bros.
Except that that's a SIKH turban not a muslim one. Fucking cretins. Sikhs and Muslims have had a hatred of one another that dates back a few hundred years. So well done 'tards, that's some mighty clever work there!

Originally Posted by once_dreaded
I want blue eyes *le pout*
Don't we all.

Originally Posted by Pygmalion
And a French advertisement for lube. This one took me a while to get but its worth it trust me:
Heh. It didn't take me long to get it. But then I'm a perv. Priceless.

Originally Posted by Jacoby
It's meant to be funny, I think.
It is. It's a black comedy. You should read the book. It's a dark satire of the yuppie lifestyle in the 80's. The book is more brutal though.
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