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Originally Posted by Renegade
Actually, I have the option of changing my custom title. I don't know if it actually works though. the Officers were being overlooked. Harshness.

Originally Posted by barrington
It was an oversight. Mods and Officers can now select their own custom titles.
See? The voice of justice. It made sense, actually, before you had the "badge" for the rank, because if an Officer/Mod changed their title it wouldn't be clear that they were an officer/mod. Now it's so obvious with the stylish little badges (nice touch btw. They weren't here when I was here on my last stint) that titles really don't matter so much.

And what Mandy said. Hehe. Officer-Mod-Senior this rate...Newcomer status beckons. Greatest spammeister in the history of KKW? You have NO idea. Despite being banned SEVERAL times, once for a rather long stint, and despite hardly being entirely REGULAR over the last 18 months, I've still posted over 4,000 posts if you include the old forums. Scary, huh?
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