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Originally Posted by Jacoby
It's meant to be funny, I think. There are so many comical things in it, it has to be intended comedy. I'd describe it as a very dark comedy.

With all the lines Patrick Bateman says, and all the gags in it, there's no way they weren't going for comedy. Even the book was like that (I hear). There's too many hilarious lines to quote.

i havent seen the film now for about a year but i could watch it tomorrow and be laughing the whole way through with some of the stuff thats said, 1 of the funniest bits was when Bateman goes into Paul Allens(is it?) appartment and instantly says something to this effect, ' i was instantly in a state of shock that pauls appartment was obviously more expensive than mine'. this been said after hes just killed him.
i think it is meant to be a black comedy but i found the book a fair bit more violent and in some places nasty than the film.
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