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Well you're out of the game then Duckula :P
So when do you want to go out Keirazbabe?

Queer eye for the straight guy is entertaining, but its just a money making scheme to capitalise on the metrosexual craze. I understand the whole 'why go for a guy who seemingly can't look after himself, when you can go for a guy who can, and do it snappily dressed' thing, but sometimes it gets a little silly.
At uni, one of my former housemates used to spend about an hour and a half on his hair. He had industrial sized cans of hairspray, buckets of wax, hair dye, and a hairdryer which looks like it was taken out of the southampton uni wind tunnel. We all thought this was crazy, and a little bit gay.

Then we saw how much attention he got in clubs, pubs and bars. Which was great for him, and envy all round. Except he had a metallic sky blue MG. That IS a little bit camp.
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