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Originally Posted by Pygmalion
Hmmm I don't know about that Haz, I know of some very young lesbians. I know with me I didn't know I was gay...but then maybe I don't want to admit it because of the social taboo.
This is all very confusing.
Yeah, I think it may be slowly becoming more socially acceptable. Which is good. I see no reason why it should hold people back. Then again, there's still the whole "Am I gay or am I not?" thing. And then there's a whole "straight but curious" group who fuck with your head. Lousy indecisive women.

Originally Posted by Katielondon
omg its the same with me and 1 of my male friends, i just say thats a load of rubbish because i have done sexual things with a girl so that counts as im not attracted to men.
Agreed. It's a load of shit expecting a lesbian to sleep with a guy just to lose her virginity. Do gay men have to sleep with women to lose theirs?

Traditionally, virgin is used to describe a person who has not engaged in sexual intercourse. This use is traditionally restricted to a person who has not yet engaged in vaginal intercourse, especially a woman, but it is sometimes used to describe someone who has not engaged in sexual activities in general. Also, someone can be referred to as an "anal virgin," being a virgin to anal sex (specifically receiving anal sex).
The term sexual intercourse refers to a wider range of sexual activities than the term coitus, which only refers to male-female genital sex.
So err, that puts that one to bed then...

Among human females, the hymen is a membrane, part of the vulva, which partially occludes the entrance to the vagina and which is often physically torn when the woman first engages in sexual intercourse. Hymens vary in thickness, shape, and flexibilty. The presence of an intact membrane is often seen as physical evidence of virginity in the broader technical sense. The absence of one, however, is not necessarily an indication of participation in sexual intercourse, since in some women the hymen is either absent from birth, or sufficiently vestigial not to be affected by sexual penetration. Also, the hymen can be broken before a woman engages in sexual intercourse, for example during strenuous exercise or during the insertion of a tampon. Conversely, in rare cases a woman's hymen is imperforate, and as menstrual discharge cannot then escape, surgical intervention to break it is necessary to protect her health.

In most cultures, women are not regarded as virgins after a sexual assault, but some people disavow this notion. There are also those who take this "spiritual" concept of virginity to its maximum, considering "born again virgins" to be virgins, regardless of their past sexual conduct.
(Dispelling my previous definition, one I proposed a while ago, requiring a broken hymen. Also could make a LOSI virgin a virgin too )
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